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MDA TransQuest Installation


MDA TransQuest Network Infrastructure
Information is entered through an intranet web interface and delivered to the porter’s handheld device via the hospital’s wireless network. This real-time solution provides unmatched flexibility and accessibility to porter resources that simply are not available with pager and phone methods. Porters receive their assignments, regardless of their locations within the hospital network. They can then quickly acknowledge the request with their handheld device and complete the transport.

Scalable to Meet the Needs of Any Size Hospital
MDA TransQuest was designed for hospitals of any size. Perfectly applicable for small and medium hospitals, it is robust enough to meet the needs of the largest hospitals. This system’s mission is to improve transport to help hospitals be optimally effective and efficient in providing the best patient care.

Maximize Your Existing Infrastructure & Decrease Expenses
MDA TransQuest integrates seamlessly with your hospital’s network infrastructure. MDA TransQuest is highly functional, while representing a modest investment. MDA TransQuest brings measurable improvement to the transport process and helps decrease operating expenses.

Security Requirements
MDA TransQuest is designed to work within your existing network security architecture. The software does not require or introduce any new security measures that need to be considered.