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TransQuest Hardware


The Inner Workings of MDA TransQuest
Wireless Network
In order for MDA TransQuest to run optimally, the hand-held devices must be compatible with the hospital’s wireless network.

Recommended Porter Devices
The application works with any handheld device including Apple iPhone and iPad, Android Smartphones and Tablets, and PDAs and PocketPCs. Any handheld device that has Wi-Fi capability and browser functionality
can be integrated with MDA TransQuest. The handheld device market changes quickly, so MDA TransQuest is designed to accommodate almost anything from “leading edge” to “priced for closeout.”

Security Requirements
MDA TransQuest is designed to work within your existing network security architecture. The software does not require or introduce any new security measures that need to be considered.

Secure Log In
The intranet component uses assigned usernames and password to authenticate users on desktop computers. The porter component uses an existing username and password to be entered before users can log into the system. Hospital administrators are able to assign new users and passwords in an intuitive interface. Porters log into the system via the handheld device as well as log out for breaks, lunch or the end of their working shift.

Technology Framework
MDA TransQuest technical environment features:

> Microsoft® Windows server software

> Microsoft® SQL SERVER 2005/2008 EXPRESS

> Standard wireless LAN protocols

> Commercially available handheld wireless devices

> Standard desktop computers