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How MDA TransQuest Works


MDA TransQuest is the first real-time, wireless, PDA-based patient transport dispatch system. MDA TransQuest provides real-time data on patient transportation and automatically prioritizes and schedules transport requests. This trusted and proven system provides the critical link in dispatching, managing and tracking patient transportation within your hospital. Because it fits seamlessly into your infrastructure, you quickly begin realizing benefits such as increased efficiencies, better management data, reduced costs, increased employee satisfaction and improved patient experiences.

MDA TransQuest was created by MDA Technologies to enable hospitals to proactively manage transporter resources and control and improve patient experiences. And because predicable patient arrival is a cornerstone of your hospital’s efficiency, MDA TransQuest lets you meet, and beat, expectations by transporting patients throughout your hospital, right on time.

The system is easy for all skill levels. Patient transportation requests are entered into the hospital’s existing intranet via a web interface. They are then prioritized and delivered to the next available transporter with accurate, detailed information regarding equipment, locations and handling requirements for each patient.

Imagine, no more reliance on paper-based systems or notes taken during phone conversations. No more dependence on memory. And no more costly uncertainty of your transport and related resource allocation.

With MDA TransQuest, you get up-to-the-minute information about patient transport requests, and priorities are set based on origin, destination, STAT requests and proximity of the last drop-off point. Detailed real-time logs and management reports reveal all the important factors needed to support decision making and resource allocation.

Schedule a demo and learn how you can manage and track patient transports in real time and streamline your patient transports with MDA TransQuest.