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Hospital Solutions

Our clients tell us we are an indispensable partner because we take the time to understand their businesses and to listen to their needs. We’re excited by new ideas and sharing in the success we help healthcare organizations create. We help hospitals:

  • Capture and share information within the enterprise
  • Understand and predict trends with useable management reporting
  • Increase efficiency and gain ROI by streamlining operations
  • Improve patient throughput
  • Improve employee satisfaction and communications
  • Enhance patient experiences and focus on patient care

Find out more about MDA Technologies’ Hospital Solutions:

MDA BudgetQuest
MDA BudgetQuest eliminates manual processes for requesting and updating hospitals’ many different types of budgets. This custom, web-based solution allows department directors to easily enter their expense budgets into the hospital’s intranet. It shows as much revenue detail and history as each hospital requires, by department. It also allows for the input of projected revenue, along with an area to show justification for those projections. The service empowers managers to make decisions on spending based on complete information and meaningful reports.

MDA BudgetQuest gives users the power to generate executive, as well as detailed reports that reflect virtually every combination of assets. Security features ensure that department directors see only the data related to their departments. Financial administrators for the system can review and edit the input of all departments. 

MDA Technologies Intranet Solutions
We work with hospitals to develop customized solutions that fit your processes, and your current and future business needs. Our solutions reflect our commitment to understanding each client’s business. Other MDA Technologies implementations have included the following systems:

  • Physician portal
  • Chart quality assurance tracking
  • Hospital directives management
  • Grant application and management
  • Medical staff directories
  • Time entry and payroll
  • Patient registration
  • Human Resources RFP
  • Self-registration kiosk

MDA Technologies Enterprise Web Development
MDA Technologies ensures that our healthcare clients’ internet and intranet web sites help achieve their objectives. Whether it’s marketing, public affairs, or information management, MDA Technologies provides solutions that meet your challenges. We feature fantastic web design, as well as web-based functionality that includes e-commerce, survey collection, and various forms of data capture that help you leverage the web to reach your goals. We combine our years of experience in the healthcare industry with our core expertise in web development. Along with our exceptional database and application development strengths, our Healthcare Solutions Practice includes web development services to meet the needs of hospitals like yours.