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MDA TransQuest Key Features


Gateway to Positive Patient Experience
Transportation service, with predictable patient arrival is the gateway to a positive patient experience and hospital efficiency. You can meet, and beat expectations by transporting patients to where they need to be, right on time.

Patient transportation requests are entered into the hospital’s existing intranet via a web interface. They are prioritized and delivered to the next available porter with accurate, detailed information regarding equipment, locations and handing requirements for each patient. MDA TransQuest provides up-to-the-minute information about patient transport requests and automatically sets priorities based on origin, destination, urgent requests and proximity of the last drop-off point. Detailed real-time logs and reports show the processing time for requests, the units making the most requests, and average wait and transport times. This information is critical to optimal porter resource allocation.

Key Features
- Colour coded interface for ease of use
- Easily customized to for your hospital’s requirements
- Uses existing infrastructure and wireless network
- Automatic logging and tracking of all requests
- Real-time data for more effective management
- Multiple user types and security levels
- Customized views based on login and authorization

Originator Flexibility
MDA TransQuest, using a standard web browser, resides on the hospital’s intranet and is available to all authorized users. Transport originators can schedule the transportation of patients using a variety of options.

Options include: Patient Name, Patient Verification (i.e. Date of Birth), Originating Location (ward/dept), Destination Location, Multiple Porters, Priority of Transport, Comments, Patient Room Originating, Point of Contact/Phone, Destination Point of Contact/Phone, Pick-up Time, Equipment

Porter Functionality
Transportation requests are transmitted to a hand-held device, carried by each porter. Data is displayed in screen views that are colour-coded, enabling all porters to easily understand the request, regardless of skill sets. Upon completion, the porter clicks the “Transport Executed” button. Delays can be logged and attributed to specific resource needs. Requests are automatically prioritized, eliminating the porter having to decide on priority of assigned tasks.

Administrator Functionality
Administrators are empowered to quickly react to daily challenges through their desktops as well as their own hand-held device. Administrators can manage priorities and system settings from their desks. They also benefit from an easy-to-use summary screen that lists all the requests in the system. Administrators can quickly assess delays or cancellations as they occur. In addition, they can send text messages to porters, which are received upon completion of assignment.