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Benefits of MDA TransQuest


MDA TransQuest combines both leading-edge and proven technology with our thorough understanding of each hospital client’s workflow process. Because MDA TransQuest is a superior solution, you receive benefits that are above and beyond other transport solutions. With MDA TransQuest, you will:

Improve Productivity and Profitability
MDA TransQuest increases efficiency throughout your hospital and streamlines operations. It enables your staff to automatically prioritize and schedule transport requests, improve accuracy of pick-up and delivery times and automatically assign requests to the next available transporter, based on location. In addition to eliminating the need for dedicated transport dispatch personnel, MDA TransQuest dramatically saves time for nurses, clinical department personnel and transport staff while reducing employee frustration.

Ensure Real-Time Information in an Easy-to-Use Format
Transporters can focus on one patient at a time, while always having the easy-to-use PDA with them. They do not have to remember the details from their last phone call or page. This portable system eliminates the need for transporters to retrieve print-outs in order to know their next assignment. All data is available at their fingertips—and it is prioritized, easy to reference and connected throughout relevant departments. And because MDA TransQuest is so easy to use, the customized, intuitive application requires very little training.

Precisely Meet the Needs of Your Hospital
MDA TransQuest was designed for hospitals of all size. Perfectly applicable for small and medium hospitals, it is also robust enough to meet the needs of the largest hospitals. This system’s mission is in alignment with yours. We are committed to improve transportation to help hospitals be optimally effective and efficient in providing the best patient care.

Empower Decision Support through Meaningful Reporting
Useful, easy to understand reports are generated in real-time. This enhances your ability to measure, distribute, predict and improve staffing. Better allocate volunteer, part-time and full-time transporter resources, and monitor and reduce wait times. MDA TransQuest’s critical reports empower you to do both.

Maximize Your Existing Infrastructure & Decrease Costs
MDA TransQuest is fully customized to integrate seamlessly with your hospital’s network infrastructure. Designed with hospitals’ needs in mind, MDA TransQuest is highly functional, while representing a modest implementation and cost hurdle. But most importantly, it brings measurable improvement to the transport process, while helping decrease your expenses.

Improve Your Patients’ Experiences
The streamlined transport process means improved overall patient experience and comfort. Because transporters can focus on one patient at a time, they can provide optimal care with MDA TransQuest.